Meet the presenters


  Lornelle Amory 

Lornelle, head trainer, founder and owner of LAB, realized that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to fitness. She founded LAB with the purpose of providing workout programs that are tailored to an individual's needs and personal wellness goals. In the LAB, clients create their own fitness potion for a happy, healthy, lifestyle. Before embarking on her fitness journey, Lornelle worked in the reinsurance industry. She holds a BBA Degree in Finance with a minor in Accounting from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. She believes helping people become better is her God-given destiny, and she is enjoying every step along the way.


LifeThyme Cross Fit Bermuda

  Ty Darrell 

Ty Darrell, is a competitive fitness instructor at LifeThyme CrossFit Bermuda. He has his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. He gets excited about increasing other’s quality of life through fitness and helping others reach their fitness goals. His fitness passion is competing in CrossFit and Olympic lifting.


EFit Bermuda

  Myra Dill

Myra is a certified Nutritionist and Behavioral Change Coach whose motto is “to change one person at a time” for better health through her medically managed weight management programs at EFit. Through a combination of mindful eating, movement and basic nutritional guidance she has assisted over 1800 Bermuda residents over the last 12 years. Myra combined her passion for nutrition and fitness to found EFit Bermuda. She lends her expertise to the award winning cuisine at the five star luxury hotel and resort, The Loren at Pink Beach through Efit/Bermuda Bakes Healthy take out dishes from the Loren. She has been a certified Spin Instructor for over 10 years and recently joined the coaching staff and Streaker’s Spin Studio. Her goal is to make Bermuda fit one person at a time.



   Agathe Holowatinc

Agathe is a passionate advocate of real food, holistic “Whole-Life” approaches to health and communicating big ideas in a simple way. She believes that vibrant health is our birthright and that achieving optimal health is the best springboard for achieving all of our biggest dreams. Agathe is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, having graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition® in New York City and is trained in modern health coaching, eastern and western nutrition philosophies, fundamentals of nutrition therapy, and relating the impact of dietary and lifestyle changes on optimal health to others. Agathe also loves to cook and has spent 20+ years thinking about how she can deliver food that will actually benefit those who eat it — That will actually FUEL their bodies.


Her signature ‘Food-As-Medicine’ approach and deep passion for healthy cooking led her to author an optimal nutrition handbook called FUELLED: Transform Your Body | Enhance Your Energy | Supercharge Your Life (2018) where she shares her wellness philosophy, inspiring health tips and delicious recipes with Bermuda and the rest of the world. (FUELLED is available on Amazon)## and in Bermuda bookstores. She can often be found teaching “Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard” cooking classes in person or online to students of all ages and cooking abilities. Agathe is also a private health food chef, public speaker and Director and CoFounder at FUELLED Bermuda Ltd. Her 1-on-1 Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching services and group classes are covered by some of the major health insurers.

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Island Nutrition, Limited

   Hannah Cannon

Hanah Cannon - is a Registered Dietitian at Island Nutrition whose specialist areas include gastroenterology, hepatology, oncology, nutrition support, diabetes, general dietetics and home visits.   


As a lover of good food (especially good baking) a nutrition-based career was a natural choice.  She has a wide range of experiences to share and has worked with clients to change their diet and lifestyles to improve management of diabetes, coeliac disease, kidney disease, irritable bowel syndrome and cardiac conditions.


She has worked in specialist centers in Leeds and Liverpool, helping to build people up nutritionally for surgery for bowel, liver, stomach or head & neck cancers as well as liver transplants. She has also cared for patients after operations, providing nutritional programs on critical care wards in hospital or dietary education about management of new stomas, wound healing and advice aiming to prevent recurrence of disease.


With so much nutritional advice available in newspapers, television or social media, it's hard to know what to believe. As a registered dietitian, the advice you get from me will be clear and based on evidence, meaning it is safe and effective.


Keelin Hankin

I graduated from Coventry university, England in 2015 with a Bsc honors in Dietetics. I am originally from Ireland but have spent my dietetic career (up until now!) working in Leeds, England, which is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe. 


I have previously worked on the surgical inpatient wards seeing a variety of patients who were both pre and post surgery. This included head and neck, upper gastrointestinal, pancreatic, urological and colorectal patients.


Currently, I work at Island Nutrition providing a range of specific nutritional advice to help with Diabetes, weight management and cardiovascular disease (to name a few!)

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Recipe Box

   Tori Moniz

Tori is the founder and owner of Recipe Box, a business forged by the COVID-19 pandemic, a love for cooking, culture, island life, and family heritage. Over the past eight years, Tori’s worked in a multitude of positions in every aspect of the food and beverage industry. In 2013 she joined the amazing team of professionals at Bolero, which honed her food and beverage skills. Over the lock down, Tori spent a lot more time in her own kitchen, this reignited her passion for food and a desire to return to the industry. And so began this new journey… Recipe Box is about bringing couples, families and communities together over a combined need for food, a thirst for personal development and a desire for entertainment. Recipe Box provides you the comfort of cooking in your own home with the ease of doing half of the work. Recipe Box aims to inspire the chef in everyone...No training needed... Let the kids help...Date night in… Ladies night...Whatever the occasion, there’s a box for that!

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Kara's Kitchen   

    Kara Simmons


Kara's kitchen is a meal preparation business that helps adapt meal programs for a healthy lifestyle. Kara’s kitchen designs customized programs to meet each person’s individual needs and goals, she has become a Bermuda favorite. Kara’s expertise began in assisting with diabetes management, cooking classes and meal preparation. She also specializes in fitness nutrition for elite athletes or those just looking for a healthier lifestyle.

    Trish Alexander

Trish’s yoga journey began 28 years ago due to chronic and acute back pain and it helped so much. She’s been teaching traditional Hatha yoga for 25 years and 8 years ago did her aqua yoga teacher training and has been teaching in the pool ever since!! Aqua yoga makes yoga accessible to every body. There’s no strain on the joints, you build strength by resisting the water and can more easily cultivate inner body length. It is also so soothing to the nervous system. Enjoy